Alpha Ketoanalogue

Alpha Ketoanalogue

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α-Ketoanalogue to phenylalanine, Calcium Salt

CAS No : 51828-93-4

Formula :C18H14CaO6

Molecular Weight :366.4

α-Ketoanalogue to Valine, Calcium Salt

CAS No : 51828-94-5

Formula :C10H14CaO6

Molecular Weight :270.3

α-Ketoanalogue to Isoleucine, Calcium Salt

CAS No : 51828-96-7

Formula :C12H18CaO6

Molecular Weight :298.4

α-Ketoanalogue to Leucine, Calcium Salt

CAS No : 51828-95-6

Formula :C12H18CaO6

Molecular Weight :298.4

α-Hydroxyanalogue to Methionine, Calcium Salt

CAS No : 4857-44-7

Formula :C10H18CaO6S2

Molecular Weight :338.5

About Alpha Ketoanalogue

The use of Alpha ketoanalogue is  in the treatment of chronic kidney disease.Alpha Ketoanalogue prevents the unnecessary increase in urea levels in the blood due to the intake of non-essential amino acids in patients with kidney failure.

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